La Parisienne

La Parisienne – oh how I love you so. My friend recently recommended this place when I mentioned I was looking for a great chocolate croissant in Seattle. Seattle has a lot of bakeries with a lot of delicious options, and while I have enjoyed almost every croissant I have eaten, I still had not found that croissant that gives you that “oh yes” moment. Well until I walked in here. I obviously had to get a chocolate croissant because they are my favorite, but we also got an assortment of pastries and other items. Before I tell you how it was, let me just set the tone and build the suspense a bit. Walking in to this shop immediately transports you to Paris, France. You are greeted with warm welcomes and the smell of enticing baked goods. The shop is so warm and welcoming and I honestly did not want to leave. I wanted to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and move in! They had a wide selection of items from breads to pastries to elegant desserts to savory breakfast and lunch offerings. It was hard to not buy one of everything to try because it was all so drool worthy. I love all things bread and carbs and this was my heaven.

Did this place give me that “oh yes” moment? “OH YES!” It was phenomenal. This was hands down, without a doubt the BEST croissant I have had in my entire life. I have even been lucky enough to eat croissants in Paris and this definitely outshines those. The chocolate croissant was too sinful to even explain without doing it some sort of injustice, so I recommend you just go and try one yourself. I snapped a pic of myself eating it, which did not make it on to this post but you can find it on my instagram, but my face is just pure joy and happiness after taking that first bite. I was like a kid in a candy store. I definitely blacked out for a few seconds after that first bite because I was so in love and had just eaten one of the most incredible croissants that it was a moment of just WOW. I think my husband was a bit jealous of how much attention I was showing this croissant and how in awe of its deliciousness I was. If you love food and consider yourself a foodie or have ever been the “fat” kid – then you know exactly what I am talking about! Now lets not give all the attention to the chocolate croissant. Like I said, we tried a number of items and each of them was truly incredible. The baguettes were a work of art as well and lasted only for a few moments.

If you are looking for the best croissant or wanting a slice of Paris in Seattle definitely check La Parisienne out. For a brief moment, I felt so much joy and happiness from this place and that is all we really need right now. A place to get delicious food and allow us to escape from reality for even a moment. This place has it all. Peep the photo below of my dog even trying to get in on that croissant action – just look at those layers!! So, go wake up early on a Saturday, grab yourself a croissant and cappuccino and take a walk around the block pretending you’re in Paris with no responsibilities or cares in the world.

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