PDX Cookies – Pt. 2

Monstrous. Gigantic. Mega. Just a few words to describe these huge cookies. But don’t let the size fool you or dissuade you from trying them. The bigger the better, right? At least that is what Texas always says…although maybe we shouldn’t follow their example. In this case though I think we should – these areContinue reading “PDX Cookies – Pt. 2”


Treat yo self – my favorite line from one of my favorite TV shows, Parks and Rec. I try to live my life by this phrase becuase life is too short to not eat the damn cookie! Treat is a fun cookie shop run by a mother-daughter duo. They’ve got delicious and creative flavors withContinue reading “Treat”

Lowrider Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? If you don’t then I am sorry but you should maybe go to the doctor or something? Cookies make everything better in my opinion. Long day? Bad Day? Eat a cookie and your mood is sure to be lifted. Anyways, you don’t need me to explain WHY you should eat cookies.Continue reading “Lowrider Cookies”

Hello Robin

Hello Robin is a popular bakery in Seattle with two locations (Capital Hill and U Village) serving up some deliciously good cookies! You can get a single, a few, a 1/2 dozen, a dozen or even an ice cream cookie sandwich! Oh the options! We opted for a half dozen ($10.50) so we could tryContinue reading “Hello Robin”

PDX Cookies

I started following PDX cookies long ago before it was cool. Their cookies drew me in with their fun names and flavors! They are known for their wild creations and massive cookies. When I mean massive, I am being serious these cookies are hefty and dense and you definitely don’t want to look at theContinue reading “PDX Cookies”

Holiday Sugar Cookies

Christmas and baking go together like peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese and tomato soup. Baking is the ultimate holiday activity, change my mind. I’ve learned over the years that not everything needs to be made from scratch to still be delicious. And that’s exactly what I love about these cookies. I use storeContinue reading “Holiday Sugar Cookies”