85 Degrees Bakery Cafe

85 Degrees Bakery Cafe is a chain from Taiwan. If you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, definitely check it out! They offer an assortment of breads, pastries, and cakes as well as a selection of coffee and tea. What I love about this place is the variety they offer. They have both sweet and savory pastries and so many options you can’t help but over buy! Another thing I love is that the sweet items are not overly sweet – there’s enough sweetness to know you are eating a dessert, but not too much to the point you think you are just sucking down sugar. It is a delicate balance and they nail it.

We’ve tried a number of their items and it is too hard to choose a favorite! If you’re looking for a more savory option try the Garlic Cheese, Spicy Sausage or the Bacon Garlic. All are delicious! If you’re leaning more towards the sweet side go for the Milk Pudding, Choco Bun (or the Chocolate with Cream Cheese) or the Coconut Twist! I am also a big fan of their Egg Tarts so be sure to grab a few before you leave. The breads are light and fluffy, almost like you are biting in to a cloud! A number of their pastries have a surprise in the middle that makes every bite better than the last! For example, the Chocolate Cream Cheese bun has a decadent mixture of chocolate and cream cheese that I could eat all by itself with a spoon! The Garlic Cheese has an airy, whipped cheese mixture that resembles that of ricotta, but with much more flavor!

They also recently started bottling and selling their milk teak, thai tea, and coffee tea at our location so of course we had to pick up a bottle! It was refreshing and tasted very fresh. I usually adjust my milk tea sweetness to no sugar, and unfortunately pre-bottled you cannot do that, but it still wasn’t too sweet! If you’re looking for a hot drink option – my favorite is the Hazelnut Latte! It tastes like Nutella in a cup but is not overly sweet.

I also recently tried their Sea Salt Series. I opted for the Sea Salt Chocolate Milk Tea – upon first taste it was way too sweet, but I thought since I only had a sip with the milk, let’s try the topping. The salted topping on its own was overly salty for me. The salted cream and the milk didn’t mix well with a straw, so I ripped the plastic top off and drank it lidless. This way, I would get the milk AND the toppings in one sip – it was delicious! The saltiness from the topping balances out the sweetness from the chocolate milk tea. In my opinion, they should serve it with a regular coffee lid (instead of the plastic cover like bubble tea) to allow for the optimal mixture of sweet and salty! Maybe they will take my suggestion, but if not you definitely should if you order one of the Sea Salt Series drinks!

Over all, we love this place – it is a weekend tradition for us to wake up on either Saturday or Sunday and go grab a box of pastries and a hot latte! Check out a location near you to pick up some goodies! You can click on the link below to see if there is a location near you! https://www.85cbakerycafe.com

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