I have eaten a lot of macarons in my lifetime, like a lot. They are one of my favorite cookies because they have a wonderful crispy crunch with a flavorful filling. They are usually light and not too sweet. I feel that I have eaten enough macarons from different bakeries and in different countries to have a fair assessment of them. Some macarons just don’t make the cut for one reason or another – too sweet, too soft, too bland. There is a delicate balance and science you have to learn to make the shells just right, and trust me it is not easy. i have tried my hand at making my own macarons, and I think I will leave that to the professionals! Mine were edible and could pass as something a child tried very hard to make, but they were no where near perfect enough to charge money for them or even let my friends try them. Anyways, enough about my failed attempts at making macarons, but I think its important to recognize the work that goes in to making these delicious treats.

I stumbled upon macarons a few months back and thought, let’s give it a try. I love macarons so it can’t hurt picking some up! I do have my favorite spot where I typically go for macarons, but it can’t hurt to branch out, right? WOW! I am so glad I decided to grab some of these babies. The flavors were incredible. Like they seriously nailed their flavors. A lot of places will say it tastes like something, and sure there is a very subtle flavor of whatever they are proclaiming. But these actually had a very distinct flavor that really came through and you could definitely get what they were going for, which I absolutely loved!

I got a wide variety to try the different flavors and I am telling you – EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.- was perfect. The flavors were strong but still not overly sweet. I got a dozen and heres the flavors I went with: birthday cake, cap’n crunch berry, cookies & cream, fruity pebbles, nutella, pistachio, red velvet, salted caramel, thai tea, vanilla, vietnamese coffee, and ube. I also love how the incorporate unique flavors bringing various cultures together – all about that fusion! I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of their flavors. So they nailed the flavor, but did they nail the shell? Also yes – it had the perfect crispy outside with the chewy texture inside that you’re wanting for macarons. I definitely think I have found my new go to spot for macarons when that craving hits. These are too good to even think about trying to learn to master the many failed attempts I tried. Skip making them yourself and just go grab a pack from Macadons – you’ll thank me later!

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