Hello Robin

Hello Robin is a popular bakery in Seattle with two locations (Capital Hill and U Village) serving up some deliciously good cookies! You can get a single, a few, a 1/2 dozen, a dozen or even an ice cream cookie sandwich! Oh the options!

We opted for a half dozen ($10.50) so we could try a variety of flavors. We grabbed a classic chocolate chip, browned butter snickerdoodle, birthday cake, mackles’more, salted butterscotch, and the current seasonal pebbles of fruity. WOW OH WOW! These cookies are unreal! Soft and chewy and full of flavor. These didn’t last more than a night at our house because they were so incredible we just couldn’t stop eating them! My favorite was the mackles’more – both a mouthful to say and eat! If you don’t get the reference, it is a s’mores cookie topped with a big piece of Their chocolate. It is chocolatey, gooey, and a little crunch from the graham cracker. I love s’mores so its not a surprise this was my favorite. Could eat a dozen of these in one sitting, by myself – no shame! The browned butter snickerdoodle was a very close contender though – this was my husbands favorite. Browned butter makes everything taste better and these cookies are no exception. The browned butter gives a slightly nutty flavor and then you’ve got the sweetness from the cinnamon and sugar – masterpiece! I have always used browned butter in my chocolate chip cookies, but never did I think about using browned butter for anything other cookie flavors…I guess that is why Robin has a cookie shop and I do not lol. Both my husband and I put the salted butterscotch as our last place winner – not that it wasn’t still delicious, butterscotch just was not our cup of tea. The salted part did add a nice balance to the overly sweet butterscotch though. You can’t go wrong with their chocolate chip though – definitely a solid choice. While I think their chocolate chip is delicious, I prefer some of their other flavors because they are more unique and not as overhyped. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good chocolate chip cookie – but they are everywhere! So you have to make like REALLY good chocolate chip cookies for me to get super excited about and to give you a high praise. I think I make some delicious chocolate chip cookies, but I know I cannot make a delicious snickerdoodle or birthday cake – so I wold opt for those!

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