I’ve written about Bamboo previously, but it was too good I had to go back to write about it again. If you’re trying to ball on a budget, their happy hour is the time to go. They offer so many specials and variety during this time so you can indulge but not break the bank. I recommend going for happy hour, but also grabbing a few things off their regular menu. If you haven’t read my other post on this spot, it is the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the US! That is like a really big deal and they have locations up and down the West Coast. Currently their only location in WA is in Seattle at University Village, but it is worth a trip there to taste this delectable fish.

Every time I eat out, I tend to order way more than I can actually eat and this spot is no exception. You’d think the prices would ensure I order fewer dishes, but in the moment my eyes are wanting to taste everything and my stomach is paying the price later when I’m trying to squeeze that last piece of salmon nigiri in there. All of their dishes are fresh and come out when they are ready – this is a great date night spot or spot for a group to share a number of appetizers and rolls. I am a big fan of dining with others and splitting items so you can try more things!

Here’s what I recommend starting with: Chicken Karaage, Grilled Salmon Kama and the Spicy Salmon or Smashed Avocado Crispy Rice. For Signature Rolls my top choices are: Full Circle, Chasing the Dragon, and The Unicorn. For Classic Rolls I recommend: California, Spicy Salmon, and Shrimp Tempura (all are on the HH menu!). And definitely don’t forget to grab a few orders of the nigiri or sashimi. If you have never tried Uni (sea urchin), this is the perfect place to do so because you know it will be so fresh and the best quality. Uni is not for everyone, but I always attempt to try new things at least once, so this uni was a first for me. It actually wasn’t that bad – it was very soft and almost melted in your mouth. It had a distinct salt/salt water flavor that reminded me of the beach, but not in a bad way. My absolute favorite was the King Salmon nigiri that is topped with sea salt and lemon zest – so light and a perfect bite.

For their full menu and to make reservations, click here.

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