Ba Bar

I seriously cannot get enough of Ba Bar – everytime I go its like their food gets better and better somehow, I’m not even sure how that is possible! Its a great spot for happy hour drinks and snacks, casual dinner with friends, or a date-night! They have multiple locations, so good chance you are closer to a location than you think! This time around, we got all new items we had never tried so we can make our way through the entire menu. We started with their Frose – strawberry infused vodka, brovo pink vermouth, lemon, grapefruit, and orange blossom that is served in the form of an ice-cold slushie. Super refreshing in the summer AND it packs a punch.

For an appetizer, we indulged in their Garlic Butter Prawns. It comes with 4 jumbo shrimp, with a tamarind glaze, garlic butter and served with a chinese doughnut. WOW – I could NOT get enough of this garlic butter. There was also a flavor profile reminiscent of the ramen seasoning packets that was dusted on the top that really worked well. These were so good I cannot recommend sharing a plate with anyone because you will fight over them and want to eat all of them yourself, so maybe just tell your friend or significant other that they ~aren’t very good so they shouldn’t try them to “save” them~ and eat them all on your own! For our meals, we ordered the Bun Cha Ca La Vong and Duck Supreme. The Bun Cha Ca La Vong is a vermicelli noodle bowl with Washington rockfish, crispy imperial roll, cucmber, dill, roasated peanut, carrot, shrimp sauce and of course the vermicelli noodles. I love their bowls becuase they are big enough for sharing, but also come with fresh ingredients and are light but also will keep you satisfied. The fish was cooked perfectly and was so flakey it immediately fell apart – exactly what ya want. The Duck Supreme is one of their slow roasted rotisserie options. It comes with duck breast, pineapple, fish sauce and your choice of noodles or rice, plus you can get a fried egg on top – which I highly recommend. What should we order next??

Check our their site and menu here.

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