Oso is oh so good! In fact, we loved it so much, in a span of 5 days, we went there 3 times! They offer a number of specials throughout the week including Taco Tuesday and Happy Hours. They also offer family meals, which usually include a large number of tacos for a very fair price.

During our numerous visits there, we worked our way through the menu – both food and drink. We indulged in queso and guacamole, tacos, and several drinks. Our favorite? Too hard to choose, but I highly recommend the Brisket Burnt Ends or Al Pastor tacos. And if you are in the mood for queso, don’t skip adding the chorizo.

The Burnt Ends taco is definitely unconventional but was superb. A friend recommended the burnt ends taco – I was skeptical at first because I am a purist and BBQ doesn’t belong on a taco…or so I thought. Well, I was wrong. The meat was perfectly tender and the BBQ sauce was sweet, but not overpowering and the pickle added a delightful crunch and acidity to balance all the flavors. WOW! My other favorite was the Al Pastor. I have a soft spot for Al Pastor tacos, so I already knew I would enjoy it – but the pickled pineapple added another dimension of flavor.

Now on to the real star of the show – the drinks! The Baja Tiki – their house specialty – transported me to an island far, far away from current reality. It was delicious and not to mention filled with plenty of alcohol to make you forget all your problems after only a few. We also tried the margarita – both frozen and on the rocks. My husband preferred the frozen version, while I preferred it on the rocks. But with tequila and lime, can you really go wrong with how you drink it? (well maybe tequila shots because we are not in college anymore). They also serve a delicious drink served in a pineapple, that comes with a dragon figurine you are allowed to take home (score!), and a sweet tequila-honey concoction served in a coconut.

No matter what you decide on, you really can’t go wrong. Tacos and tequila are always a good idea in my book. Check it out and tell me what you think!

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