PDX Cookies – Pt. 2

Monstrous. Gigantic. Mega. Just a few words to describe these huge cookies. But don’t let the size fool you or dissuade you from trying them. The bigger the better, right? At least that is what Texas always says…although maybe we shouldn’t follow their example. In this case though I think we should – these are bigger and these are better than your average cookie. These large cookies come in a variety of flavors that change frequently so if you see a flavor you want, don’t sleep on it! They drop their cookies every Thursday at 6pm PST and they sell out FAST. You can still order a limited offering of their cookies when it isn’t Thursday, and if you live in Portland, you can visit them for in-store exclusives.

The owners are both talented and creative, but also maybe a bit crazy? But in the best way possible. I mean you have to be a bit crazy to make a cookie that weighs over 1 LB…yes you read that correctly. Their mega cookies clock in typically between 30-40 OZ!! I recently ordered two megas and weighed both to verify this – like yes they were massive but I was SHOOK when it flashed across the food scale. While they do offer some of your classic flavors – ie, chocolate chip – most of these cookies are completely unique creations featuring all of your favorites – oreos, hostess cakes, any candy you can think of, buttercream fillings, lots of sprinkles, and more. Besides cookies, they have edible cookie dough, cookie bars, and cereal treats (think rice krispies but like on crack). These treats are not for the faint of heart and be prepared for the biggest sugar rush of your life after you consume one of these babies. But they are well worth the heart burn you will probably get. My secret is to warm them up in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to the point it is just warm enough to melt in your mouth.

The first time I ordered these I was pleasantly pleased because the cookie was still gooey and moist. Most large cookies, especially those filled with everything under the sun don’t actually taste good – they are usually dry and cracking and that is not what you want in a cookie. These also stay perfect in the fridge for several weeks and you can also freeze them to enjoy them at a much later date – the shop even provides instructions in every order to make sure you are enjoying the best product every single time! Since I have ordered from them a few times, I decided to be a bit adventurous with my most recent order. One of the items that is always on their website are their mystery packs. They have 3 – mystery edible dough, random 6 pack of cookies, and their pdx mystery shop box. The edible cookie dough is pretty self-explanatory, but they send you a random 8oz edible dough for you to enjoy. The random 6 pack comes with 6 cookies that are a mix of their seasonal, main, and in shop items – these are all cookies though. Their PDX mystery box could literally be anything – cereal treats, cookies bars, edible dough, cookie cups. Some of the items I received in my mystery boxes were – s’mores edible dough, peanut butter brownie sundae edible dough, fallfetti cookie bar, frankenberry cereal krispies, banana split cookie, cinnamon roll cookie, em’s sexual chocolate, and a few more I can’t remember and have already devoured. If you are adventurous and don’t have any allergies, I highly recommend their mystery grabs – plus they are usually on sale. Even if you do have preferences, they do list all the ingredients in each cookie so you have an idea of what is in there.

Check out their website to place an order today or browse their flavors here (only the flavors that are currently available and not sold out will show up, so you will not see their full offering if you aren’t viewing on a Thursday night when they drop them all). If you have an instagram, give them a follow. They post all of their weekly cookie drops a few days ahead so you can look at what they will have and drool over it all.

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