Treat yo self – my favorite line from one of my favorite TV shows, Parks and Rec. I try to live my life by this phrase becuase life is too short to not eat the damn cookie! Treat is a fun cookie shop run by a mother-daughter duo. They’ve got delicious and creative flavors with people names! They also have a cookie club that you can subscribe to if you want cookies delivered straight to your house – how great is that? I stopped by becuase I just had to get my hands on these babies and per usual, I couldn’t decide which flavor to get so why not get them all?? I’ll get to all the flavors in a minute, but these cookies were BOMB. They were huge and soft on the inside with a little crisp on the edges – the perfect cookie. The flavors were also on point. Don’t eat them all in one sitting though or you will have a sugar rush and maybe an upset stomach becuase these babies are rich! I recommend sharing these with your friends, especially if you want to try them all. They are best consumed fresh so don’t let them sit around! So now to the flavors.

Tessa – sumac snickerdoodle

Kenzie – funfetti

Sydney – dirt and worms (special)

Madison – chocolate chip with flaky sea salt

Rosie – strawberry shortcake

Dawn – s’mores

Taylor – frosted sugar cookie

Poppy – lemon poppyseed

Rachel – oatmeal cream pie (special)

Monica – peanut butter cheez-it (special)

It is way too hard to choose my favorite becuase they were incredible. The dirt & worm and the peanut butter cheez-it did however bring back very fond memories of my childhood, so those may edge out the rest with the nosalgia factor. I also am a sucker for literally anything with rainbow sprinkles, so the funfetti ranked pretty high up there as well. They do also have a small selection of gluten free and vegan options, so no one has to be left out of the strong cookie game they’ve got going on.

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