Lowrider Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? If you don’t then I am sorry but you should maybe go to the doctor or something? Cookies make everything better in my opinion. Long day? Bad Day? Eat a cookie and your mood is sure to be lifted. Anyways, you don’t need me to explain WHY you should eat cookies. These cookies from Low Rider will have you rethinking all the cookies you’ve been eating in your life because nothing else will be able to ever compare again. They are a bakery in Seattle, but don’t worry – they do ship all over the country, so you have no excuse not to order some for yourself to enjoy! If you are lucky enough to be in Seattle, they currently have two locations but also do weekly pop ups at various locations around the state. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up to date on all their flavor offerings and pop up schedule. That is actually how I stumbled upon them. They had a pop up about 2 miles away from my house and I couldn’t not go.

I had all the best intentions when I went to the pop up to just try 1 or 2 cookies, nothing crazy. But oh my – upon looking at them they just all looked so delicious and I couldn’t decide what flavor to get…so naturally I got a dozen..you know because that is clearly the logical option here! They have monthly flavors along with regular offerings that are always on the menu. They also do these incredible stuffed cookies that are THICK! Even their non-stuffed cookies are giant. They are soft and chewy but still have a solid bite to them. My favorite was probably the cookies and cream, but it was so hard to choose a favorite because they really were all amazing. Check out their website for their shipping options if you want to get some delivered right to your door, and trust me, you do want these at your door! Make sure to keep them a secret though or you might have to share with your friends and family and I don’t think you want to commit to sharing until you taste them for yourself because you might regret offering them up!

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