Palo Santo

I have been to Palo Santo a few times, but it was before the days of my blogging, so on my recent trip to OKC I stumbled in there on a Tiki Themed night, but only managed to get this single picture. They are located in the downtown farmer’s market district next to The Loaded Bowl (a delicious vegan eatery!). Anyways, the particular night we went to Palo Santo happened to be a special Tiki night with fun rum cocktails, leis, and all sorts of decorations. They also served a number of their drinks with blinking lights so that was super fun! Who doesn’t love a cocktail with a flashing light in it. Their regular cocktail menu is also great and the bartenders can make you pretty much anything you want. On my previous trips here, I ordered an array of drinks and each one of them was almost better than the last…maybe that is from the alcohol hitting me. They also offer some tasty food! My favorite is the katsu chicken sandwich – so crunchy and juicy with a shoyu cabbage slaw and pickles! Their food menu is eclectic, but I love it since it features a wide array of cuisines – tacos, katsu chicken, tostada, burger, LA dog, and more! Kind of has an asian-mexican fusion vibe going on. Back to their cocktails – they have a long list, like I mentioned above. They have original cocktails – shoulder sling, holy trinidad, and the palo santo to name a few; and classics – paloma, negroni, caipirinha, mule, pisco and more! For the full list of cocktails, look here. Definitely swing by for a happy hour drink or if you want a fun night out. Their drinks are strong and good and their food is fresh!

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