Greek Yogurt + Pistachios + Honey

So this is not a recipe from scratch for you to make! This is just one of my favorite snack combinations I wanted to share with y’all if you need some snack or breakfast inspiration. I definitely did not come up with this combination – it has been done for years. I remember my momContinue reading “Greek Yogurt + Pistachios + Honey”

Buffalo Chicken Wontons

Love buffalo chicken? Then these are for you! These came about because I had so many leftover wonton wrappers from all the dumplings I have been making and eating. I wanted to do something creative, simple, and yummy. And that is how we arrived at these buffalo chicken wontons! I am not trying to makeContinue reading “Buffalo Chicken Wontons”

Grilled Onion Sliders

Any food that is fun sized just tastes better, right? Burgers are delicious, but for some reason sliders just hit better! Maybe it is the fact that you can hold them with one hand? Or eat them in two bites? Or have more than 1 and not feel guilty? Whatever the reason, you can’t goContinue reading “Grilled Onion Sliders”

Golden Beet Hummus

I love hummus. I love it so much that I can eat it by the spoonful. Chickpeas are so versatile, that you can combine them with pretty much anything, and chances are it will taste great! A few years back, I had some beets I had no clue how I was going to use themContinue reading “Golden Beet Hummus”