Turkey Sliders

Burgers are great, but sliders are definitely superior! They are way more fun to eat because who doesn’t love eating miniature versions of their favorite foods?! If a menu has an option for sliders vs a burger, you better believe I am getting the sliders 100% of the time. These sliders are made with turkeyContinue reading “Turkey Sliders”

BBQ Gouda Sliders

So I have to admit, these were too good that I devoured them before I could take many pictures! I tried to resist, but the caramelized onions and BBQ sauce with the gouda cheese are too good of a combination that it was calling my name! These were absolutely delicious, my husband even ate 3Continue reading “BBQ Gouda Sliders”

Grilled Onion Sliders

Any food that is fun sized just tastes better, right? Burgers are delicious, but for some reason sliders just hit better! Maybe it is the fact that you can hold them with one hand? Or eat them in two bites? Or have more than 1 and not feel guilty? Whatever the reason, you can’t goContinue reading “Grilled Onion Sliders”