Matcha Magic

Matcha Magic is exactly what it sounds like – a magical place for all your matcha needs. It is the first Matcha cafe in Bellevue, WA and I am so here for it. They are still in their soft opening phase, but based on the hype, they are going to be the new hot spot! Their menu features, well you guessed it, MATCHA! They have ceremonial, lattes, tonics, and potions available to try. They also have acai bowls and toasts if you are feeling snacky.

Their menu is broken down into those 3 main categories – lattes, tonics, and potions. The latte section is going to have your classic and fun flavors like Strawberry Matcha, Toasted Marshmallows, Horchata, and Ube! The tonic section features 3 lemonades and a coconut water + matcha for hydration. The lemonades come in classic matcha, strawberry, and pineapple with butterfly pea powder. Lastly, their potion section has health forward drinks that feature collagen, goji berries, spirulina, and reishi. All of their drinks are made with plant based milk and are made to order. If you aren’t in the mood for Matcha, which if you’re going here you kinda should know it is all about matcha, but they do have a very small selection of espresso drinks – a classic latte, americano, and a dirty horchata (espresso + horchata).

I recently visited and wish I could have ordered one of everything to sample, but I stuck with the Strawberry Matcha Latte because it sounds incredible and was also very aesthetically pleasing. It has homemade strawberry puree and this tasted kind of like a PB+J but light on the PB…so really more of a J sandwich. The strawberry was slightly sweet and went so well with the earthy, nutty flavor of the matcha and milk. I was blown away by how delicious it was. I have always enjoyed matcha, but let’s be real, most matcha drinks are just kind of boring. This cafe goes above and beyond to really bring tasty matcha forward drinks to the world. Even if you aren’t a huge matcha fan, I implore you to at least go here once and try it. Ask the staff which flavor will mask that earthy flavor most people try to avoid. I have a feeling, after tasting their drinks, your mind will be changed!

For their full menu, click here.

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