Chuck’s Donuts

Chuck’s Donuts is a Seattle legend – okay well it is technically in Renton, but who cares. If you are like me and have been living under a rock, then WAKE UP. My friend kept telling me about this donut place and I kind of brushed it off because I was like they just have regular donuts, like what is so great about it? They are brioche or filled with crazy, unique flavors…it is just like every little donut shop out there. Well boy was I WRONG. After months of my friend telling me to try this place, she actually brought me a box of donuts – such a great friend, but that is a different, non food related story. I had done a bit of reading online, and came across an Eater article about the 15 Excellent Dining Destinations in Renton and Chuck’s was listed. To be in an Eater article, you have to be legit – so you know it is a spot to check out.

Chuck’s doesn’t have an online menu or keep up with their Instagram, but that’s okay because they are busy making these delightful donuts. They are best known for their maple bars and after reading a bunch of articles and reviews, they sell out of these babies FAST – so you better get there early to grab one. Don’t fret if you don’t get a coveted maple bar, their chocolate bars are also crazy delicious. Instead of the traditional donut frosting, they make an almost buttercream like texture. It is so creamy, but somehow still light and fluffy with a wonderful flavor. Their donuts are also so light and not super oily. It is almost like they are baked, but still have a slightly crispy outside when you bite into them. My friend brought an assortment – maple bar, chocolate bar, chocolate cruller, jelly filled, classic glazed, and apple fritter. I immediately went for the maple and chocolate bars and my mouth was in heaven with that first bite. I cannot even begin to describe how deliciously dangerous these were. They did not leave a heavy feeling in your stomach or a sugar rush to your head and they also didn’t make your teeth feel like they were rotting with all the sugar. It was so light, fluffy, and flavorful. The maple flavor was subtle, and not that fake – super sweet, sugary flavoring at those other donut shops. I am actually not a huge maple lover – but these, these were an exception and I would eat one every day for the rest of my life (I mean you know if it would cause me to gain a ton of weight…but it might be worth it!).

Chuck’s is open Monday-Saturday from 3am-2pm so I guess if you are craving some donuts after a night out and you’re somehow awake at 3am, then swing on by for a dozen. If you’re like me and asleep at 3am, they do typically still have a selection of donuts later in the day, but I would recommend getting there by 10am if you want a shot at the maple bar. I swung by on a Monday around 9:30am just to see what they had left and they were pretty bare – they did still have some maple bars and regular donuts as well as a few filled donuts, but the selection was definitely smaller than I imagine it was earlier in the day. Anyways, treat yourself and go get these donuts – don’t sleep on these like I did for months; be smart and go immediately!

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