Oh Poquitos – many a margarita and guacamole have been consumed here. This was one of the first restaurants I found when I moved to Seattle and their food and strong drinks kept me going back time and time again. In my early Seattle days, I definitely did not catalog my restaurant visits and I rarely took pictures of my food – but oh how times have changed. Poquitos is a staple in Capital Hill and is guaranteed to be a fun time with friends. Coming from OKC, I had my standards set pretty high for Mexican food and while this place is not like the TexMex you will find in the midwest, it got my stamp of approval early on. It is on the lighter and fresher side of Mexican food but you will still find enchiladas, tacos, and more on their menu!

If you’re going for drinks, they have a fun list of margaritas, cocktails and frozen drinks that will definitely get you buzzed after just one – they do not play around! If you want something refreshing but not trying to get turnt, check out their agua fresca. The flavor rotates but are definitely light and delicious. If you’re only going for drinks, I still recommend grabbing a guac for the table. It is made to order and served with their housemade tortilla chips. If you’re going for dinner and want a full spread, you should also grab their queso and fried corn esquites.

Their tacos are pretty good, but there are better taco spots around the city. Grab their Carne Asada, Shrimp, or Pork entree and build your own tacos! Their entrees are served with beans, rice and handmade tortillas so you’ve got everything you need to make your own tacos. If you order their carne asada – it is absolutely delicious, but a bit hard to eat. It does not come cut, so you will have to put in a bit more effort to eat this. My all time favorite dish is their pork – it is a bit crispy on the outside and so tender and juicy when you bite into it. Slap some guac and black beans on a tortilla and top it with the pork and your eyes will roll back in your head with how tasty it is! For their full menu click here.

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