Picture this. You are walking down the red brick sidewalk in Pike Place, enjoying the sights, crowds, and sounds when something wonderful fills the air and hits your nose. Your eyes lock on a large vat of cheese curds being turned by dutiful employees donned in full gear. You’re then met with a line (depending on the time of day will dictate how long this line is) and you’re just a few minutes away from the best damn mac and cheese you’ve eaten in your life. Now you might be thinking to yourself, well I’ve picked up Beecher’s products from the grocery store before…so why would I wait in this line? If that comes across your mind, I am going to need you to slap yourself because no, they are not the same. Sure Beecher’s products from the grocery are fine and still taste good – I mean if they didn’t they wouldn’t be selling them, right? But that is like saying that ice cream is better when you leave it in the car on a hot summer day. Sure, it still is technically ice cream and tastes like ice cream, but is it as delicious as when it is served straight from the pint in a warm waffle cone? Or take a burger for example. A burger you’ve door dashed because you don’t want to go to the restaurant is still a burger and the flavor is okay….but does it truly taste the same as a burger right off the grill served to you immediately where the meat is still hot and the bun isn’t soggy yet. THAT, that is why you are in the line because the magic of fresh Beecher’s is just unmatched!

By the time you’ve come to the realization that being in line is the right choice, you’ve made it to the front! How exciting. You order and you watch them scoop a piping hot bowl of mac and cheese. The cheese is so thick, but still creamy and you can see the steam coming off of it. The employee hands it to you and you go to turn to sit down, making careful moves so you don’t drop the sacred mac. You can’t take your eyes away from the creamy, steamy cheese that is inches from your nose and the smell is putting you in a trance. Grab a fork and a seat at their milk jug seats in front of their giant window overlooking the cheese making process. You take the first bite and your eyes roll back into your head and your mouth sparks with fireworks, while also simultaneously drooling. It is the best thing you have put into your mouth since you can remember and you are so glad you didn’t let that initial thought of “why” overtake your thoughts and prevent you from enjoying this delicious cup of magic. You now ponder how you can eat this fresh every day and contemplate either moving to Seattle or applying for a job with Beecher’s to feed your new addiction that just bubbled up inside of you after eating the first bite. Now you’re down to the last bite and it is still just as yummy as the first.

Don’t believe me? Check out one of the Beecher’s cafes to taste the mac and cheese fresh and I promise, read the post again and you will understand more clearly. I should also add, I prefer their classic mac and cheese (world’s best) but they do have other varieties you can try and even other food items besides mac and cheese. Their grilled cheese with their flagship cheese is a solid choice as well and bonus points for getting both and using the grilled cheese as a spoon for the mac and cheese. If you’re lactose intolerant, make sure you take your lactose pill prior because you should not miss out! For all of their information on cafes and locations to buy their products, click here.

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