I have eaten a lot of macarons in my lifetime, like a lot. They are one of my favorite cookies because they have a wonderful crispy crunch with a flavorful filling. They are usually light and not too sweet. I feel that I have eaten enough macarons from different bakeries and in different countries toContinue reading “Macadons”

Boss Tea and Banh Mi Deluxe Deli

Boss Tea is a brand new tea shop serving up some serious drinks just south of downtown Seattle. They’ve got over 40 different tea flavors and options so you will definitely find something you enjoy! They offer fruit teas, milk teas, plain tea, and lattes. It is a tiny little shop that is co-located withContinue reading “Boss Tea and Banh Mi Deluxe Deli”

Antigua Guatemala Restaurant

Have you ever had Guatemalan food? I can’t say that I have had much exposure to it until I learned about Antigua Guatemala Restaurant. They are bringing tradition and authentic Guatemalan cuisine to the PNW! Due to Covid, I have not been able to enjoy these dishes in the actual restaurant, but lucky for me,Continue reading “Antigua Guatemala Restaurant”

Dacha Diner

Dacha Diner is a little restaurant in Capital Hill serving up delicious Eastern European eats. The dish that initially drew me there, Khachapuri. It is a bread boat filled with a mixture of cheese, topped with a slab of butter and an egg yolk. It is served fresh out of the oven. As soon asContinue reading “Dacha Diner”

Waffle Champion

We recently had the privilege of traveling back to my hometown of OKC. Since I left almost 5 years ago, the city has completely transformed into a food lovers paradise. I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of my favorite restaurants still thriving, and the addition of some new culinary masterpieces. One of myContinue reading “Waffle Champion”