Boss Tea and Banh Mi Deluxe Deli

Boss Tea is a brand new tea shop serving up some serious drinks just south of downtown Seattle. They’ve got over 40 different tea flavors and options so you will definitely find something you enjoy! They offer fruit teas, milk teas, plain tea, and lattes. It is a tiny little shop that is co-located with Banh Mi Deli Deluxe. You can get your lunch and a drink to go in one stop – its genius and the best combination. The Deli side offers 10 different banh mi creations, or you can opt to create your own. They also offer some additional dishes such as spring rolls, roasted duck, egg rolls, and you can even special order a suckling pig.

I had to order a regular Boss Black Milk Tea ($4.50 – M1) to gauge the quality and get a baseline. We also ordered a Tiger Milk Black Tea ($5 – M14), Tiramisu Coffee Latte ($5 – V4), Deluxe Banh Mi ($6 – A1), and a BBQ Pork Banh Mi ($5 – A4). I loved their Boss Black Milk Tea – it was sweet but not too sweet so you could still taste the black tea coming through. It was smooth though and didn’t have that strong or bitter aftertaste that some teas can have. Definitely a solid choice if you’re looking for a good, basic milk tea. The Tiger Milk, while very pretty to look at, was too sweet for my taste. I did get 100% sweetness, so next time I will adjust it down because I did not know what to expect. Sometimes when you adjust the sweetness it can just taste bland and watery and I wanted my first experience to really be a fair assessment. The flavor of the Tiger Milk was incredible though! It had almost a hint of rich chocolate. The Tiramisu Coffee Latte was also incredible – it was topped with this light, airy, foamy creme that I could eat straight with a spoon and nothing else. The coffee balanced the sweetness in this one so it was not overly sweet, but I still might adjust it down a bit next time. Now for the banh mi! I love a good banh mi, I mean what is not to love? A big baguette filled with meat and pickled veggies, like yes please! All of their banh mi are filled with pate, viet egg mayo, cucumber, jalapeño, cilantro, carrots, daikon, green onion, and soy sauce – very simple yet it works. The Deluxe comes with crispy roasted pork belly plus all the toppings mentioned above. YES PLEASE! It was hard to decide if the BBQ Pork or Deluxe were better because they both had incredible flavors. They were spicy, light, and fresh.

IF you’re looking for a solid banh mi with delicious flavors and a tasty tea all in one shop – this is definitely the spot for you. The shop is pretty small, so depending on what time you go, you might have to wait a bit but it is well worth it! The quality of both the sandwiches and the teas are very good and the price is fair. I actually think their tea is even a bit cheaper than some other places in Seattle. Definitely GPS this place because I missed the turn off a few times – it is hidden and easy to miss if you don’t know what you are looking for.

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