Slow Braised Beef

Fall is here and I love braising and slow cooking meats. I’ve done a variation of this a few times, but they just keep getting better each time, like a fine wine that tastes better with age! As my cooking continues and I develop my skills and learn more flavors and profiles and cooking techniques,Continue reading “Slow Braised Beef”

Brown Butter Pasta

This pasta dish screams fall and comfort. It is nutty, buttery, and so rich. Browning the butter brings out such a deep flavor with a hint of nuttiness to it – once you start browning butter, you may never go back! I love adding blistered tomatoes with this to add some freshness and lightness toContinue reading “Brown Butter Pasta”

Chicken Marsala Pasta

This is a twist on the classic chicken marsala but is way more delicious in my opinion. It took me a few attempts to get this recipe just right – they first I used spaghetti noodles and it just didn’t work well – the noodles almost soaked up all of the creamy, mushroomy sauce. InitiallyContinue reading “Chicken Marsala Pasta”