Pork and Leek Dumplings

We all know how much I love dumplings, and even though they can be a bit of work, homemade dumplings are just so much better! I haven’t made any in a minute and decided to test my skills to make sure I still have them. While my dumpling folding skills may not be where theyContinue reading “Pork and Leek Dumplings”

Coconut Curry with Tortellini

I love red curry coconut soups and wanted to switch things up a bit. I normally would serve this dish over rice, but decided to make it with cheese and spinach tortellini for a fun twist! My inspiration was a classic curry soup and a tortellini tomato italian soup. This turned out even more deliciousContinue reading “Coconut Curry with Tortellini”

Spicy Coconut Soup with Turkey Meatballs

Soup season is in full swing and I am out here trying to create something delicious that isn’t your typical fall soups. This recipe, as many of mine are – come out of nowhere and are often just a rush for me to think of something to put on the table for dinner. My bestContinue reading “Spicy Coconut Soup with Turkey Meatballs”

GoChuJang Steak with Chimichurri

This steak is a bit spicy and a bit sweet but it is so tender and flavorful you won’t believe it! I wanted to mix two very different cuisines together to see what the result would be and I was SO blown away with this recipe! While the steak is spicy and rich, the chimichurriContinue reading “GoChuJang Steak with Chimichurri”

Lemongrass Beef + Crispy Rice Bowl

I am currently in an Asian food mood and have been eating all of the asian dishes I can get my hands on! I also love cooking asian cuisine because it is so flavorful and there are so many delicious dishes. I wanted to make a crispy rice bowl that is super simple but packedContinue reading “Lemongrass Beef + Crispy Rice Bowl”

Chicken Udon

Nothing warms the soul and body during the cooler months like a large bowl of soup. I love soup season, but wanted to mix it up because soup can get boring. I mean I love a good tomato, potato, chicken noodle, etc, but have you ever had a delicious bowl or ramen or udon orContinue reading “Chicken Udon”

Brown Butter Pasta

This pasta dish screams fall and comfort. It is nutty, buttery, and so rich. Browning the butter brings out such a deep flavor with a hint of nuttiness to it – once you start browning butter, you may never go back! I love adding blistered tomatoes with this to add some freshness and lightness toContinue reading “Brown Butter Pasta”

Mediterranean Salmon with Turmeric Rice

Goodbye Summer Salmon! That is what I should call this dish – it is light, flavorful and still filling. You can either grill this salmon (I recommend using a cedar plank or foil to prevent the salmon from sticking) or you can follow my method below for searing it in the pan. I love thisContinue reading “Mediterranean Salmon with Turmeric Rice”

Sheet Pan Grilled Fajitas

Fajitas but make it easy! These sheet pan fajitas won’t even leave your kitchen hot or messy. This recipe is made 100% on the grill and then you slice and throw everything on a sheet pan for easy serving. These might not be traditional fajitas, but they are a fun take and have everything youContinue reading “Sheet Pan Grilled Fajitas”

Carne Asada Bowls with Pickled Onion

Taco, but make it a bowl. This tasty deconstructed taco bowl is too perfect for words. I love tacos, but sometimes I want a little more meat and a little less carbs and this is the perfect option for that. You get all the same great flavors and toppings, but can control exactly how muchContinue reading “Carne Asada Bowls with Pickled Onion”