BEGA (Bacon, Egg, Gouda, Avocado) Breakfast Sammie

Bacon and eggs are probably the best breakfast combo there is, but why not take it up a notch with this easy and incredibly tasty breakfast sammie! Toasted rosemary sourdough that has that perfect crunch when you first take a bit, but still a soft buttery center. Imagine that loaded with crispy bacon, creamy eggs,Continue reading “BEGA (Bacon, Egg, Gouda, Avocado) Breakfast Sammie”

French Toast with Marscapone Fig Whip

French toast is what weekends are made for! I have some very fond memories of my childhood of going out to breakfast on Saturdays with my dad and ordering french toast. My favorite part was the powdered sugar on top and when you poured the syrup on top, it would create the most sugary deliciousnessContinue reading “French Toast with Marscapone Fig Whip”

Eierkuchen (German Pancakes)

Eierkuchen is a popular dish throughout Germany. They are a cross between a crepe and a pancake – they are slightly thicker than crepes but not as fluffy as pancakes…still equally delicious though! They are typically topped with browned butter and cinnamon sugar, but jam can be substituted for a lighter version This dish isContinue reading “Eierkuchen (German Pancakes)”