Coconut Apple Crumble

Not only is this recipe warm and comforting, it is also fairly healthy! I love apple pie and apple crumble but it can get heavy and sugary quickly. This is a lighter version that is equally delicious. My husband actually turned me on to this combination but I made a few upgrades! He used toContinue reading “Coconut Apple Crumble”

Eierkuchen (German Pancakes)

Eierkuchen is a popular dish throughout Germany. They are a cross between a crepe and a pancake – they are slightly thicker than crepes but not as fluffy as pancakes…still equally delicious though! They are typically topped with browned butter and cinnamon sugar, but jam can be substituted for a lighter version This dish isContinue reading “Eierkuchen (German Pancakes)”

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Carrots

A friend recently reached out asking for the carrots I made at Thanksgiving last year so he could make them. I realized that I had just thrown some ingredients on the pan and they turned out better than I could have imagined! I sent him what I could remember, but knew I needed to recreateContinue reading “Cinnamon Brown Sugar Carrots”