Tomato + Bacon Quiche

Mornings shouldn’t be harder than they already are. I am always rushed for time in the morning and eating breakfast is usually the last thing on my mind. I am lucky if I have a coffee before running out the door. But we all deserve a delicious breakfast in the morning without the hassle andContinue reading “Tomato + Bacon Quiche”

BEGA (Bacon, Egg, Gouda, Avocado) Breakfast Sammie

Bacon and eggs are probably the best breakfast combo there is, but why not take it up a notch with this easy and incredibly tasty breakfast sammie! Toasted rosemary sourdough that has that perfect crunch when you first take a bit, but still a soft buttery center. Imagine that loaded with crispy bacon, creamy eggs,Continue reading “BEGA (Bacon, Egg, Gouda, Avocado) Breakfast Sammie”

Creamy Mushroom Chicken

Rich, creamy, and decadent are three words to describe this dish. The creamy sauce is cut by adding just a touch of dijon mustard to give it a sharp tang. The acidity from the wine also helps cut through the richness making this the perfect sauce for just about anything. Wine, cream, and garlic –Continue reading “Creamy Mushroom Chicken”