I have been to Harvey’s several times, but always for a grab and go situation. Usually coffee and a pastry, but I was ready to give their brunch a try and actually sit down to enjoy the bustling restaurant. Harvey’s is probably one of the biggest restaurant spaces I have seen in OKC, it is really impressive. They even have an entire room upstairs that most people don’t know about. They are known for their pastries and breakfast sandwiches, but their menu has so much more than that with brunch and lunch options. Check out their large window where you can look in at all the pastries being artfully prepared – that is my kind of view.

Don’t let the line intimidate you, it goes pretty quick and they are fast to turn over tables. I will note, unrelated to their food, they need a much better ordering process and flow of traffic. The same door you use to enter and exit is right by the counter where you order and doesn’t promote the best flow and can be tricky to get in and out without getting in someone’s way. Anyways, I am here to comment on their food – but it is a big pet peeve of mine. We grabbed a whole spread for breakfast. Had to start off with a classic cappuccino and their signature latte (The Harvey with housemade caramel milk). They definitely know how to make coffee, absolutely perfect. I loved the Harvey’s latte as well – it was sweet, smooth and silky. The caramel had a dark, rich flavor – almost on the edge of being burnt but in a good way. For food we ordered the Croque Madame, Strata, and a famous Raspberry Almond Croissant. The Croque Madame comes with ham, provolone cheese, dijon mustard, and bechamel on white bread with a runny egg on top. The bechamel sauce was so creamy and the dijon added a great, tangy contrast. 8/10 – would gladly eat again, it was just on the heavier side with the bechamel and ham. The Strata was a very interesting dish and not what I was expecting. I don’t know why I was expecting like a frittata type dish, but this was a hunk of something – I honestly don’t know how they managed to get it in to a cube shape and hold it together. But it was filled with sweet potatoes, mushrooms, gruyere cheese and topped with bechamel and a poached egg. It is served alongside slab bacon. The bacon was so crispy and salty and made a great dunker for the runny egg. It was smokey and nutty with a slight sweetness and it was phenomenal. The mushrooms really brought out all the flavors and added a rich, earthy flavor. 10/10 would eat this every single time – but next time I would split it with someone because it was a lot. I had to take the croissant home for later, but it made a tasty snack. The croissant was light and flakey and so buttery. The inside was stuffed with fresh raspberry jam and almond paste for a nutty, sweet combination. I was definitely in the top croissants I have had. I also love their Midnight Cowboy Croissant which is a chocolate dough stuffed with chocolate – a chocolate lovers dream.

Whether you are wanting a grab and go or a full sit down meal, Harvey’s needs to be on your list to try! Everything I have tried here, I have enjoyed very much. For their full menu, check them out here.

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