Formosa is the newest asian concept to make its debut in the OKC food scene! They opened in early August 2022 and are located on 23rd street, next to Hunny Bunny. Look closely though or you might miss them! This area of 23rd street has been a bit isolated, but over the last few years there has been a big movement to revitalize the area and bring in new business and restaurants. And I love the diversity OKC is gaining over just the last 2-3 years.

Formosa is a street food style spot meant to be shareable with the table as well! The move here is to order a bunch of dishes and share them! We grabbed several to try, so let’s dive in and dish on how they were! Here is what we got: Basil Popcorn Chicken ($9.95) 8/10; Pan Fried Soup Dumplings ($9.95) 10/10; Mini Scallion Pancake Wrap ($7.95) 9/10; Shrimp Dumpling in Chili Oil ($8.95) 8/10; House Special String Beans ($7.95) 8/10; Beef Meat Sauce Noodles ($9.95) 7/10; Spicy Cold Noodles ($8.95) 9/10. The soup dumplings are the best we’ve found in OKC since we moved here and I loved how the bottom of these were crispy and the inside was so juicy and warm! I could definitely eat several orders of these on my own! My second favorite was the scallion pancake – it is loaded with crunchy green onions and wrapped in this soft, flakey pancake. If you love green onions, this is the dish for you. For the noodles, I would opt for the spicy cold noodles – they were just more interesting and I felt they had a better flavor profile than the beef noodles. There was nothing we tried that we didn’t enjoy, but our top dishes were the soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, and spicy cold noodles!

Formosa is currently only open in the late afternoon and evenings for after work and late night snacks. They also offer a large selection of cocktails and even have karaoke nights! Check them out for delicious eats. Click here for their full menu.

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