Ray’s Chicken Kitchen

Ray’s Chicken Kitchen is located inside the Parlor in Downtown OKC. The Parlor is a culinary concept bringing multiple food vendors into one location with a bar and tons of seating. I love that these are popping up all over the city because it is a great and convenient way to try multiple dishes from different restaurants with a group of friends or family! If you can’t guess from the name, Ray’s serves up fried chicken in so many different styles that you won’t be able to choose a favorite. With 10 different tender options on their menu, it may take you a minute to decide, but no matter what type you grab you are going to love it!

Their menu features classic fried chicken and of course Nashville, but you will also find options like Korean Hot, Sweet Tea, Sweet Garlic Chili Thai, Parmesan Tenders and Buffalo-Bleu. Like hot damn, how do you even decide?! I grabbed two options to try – the Bumble Bee and the Korean Hot. For good measure I also grabbed Okra. The flavors mentioned are their tenders which come in a basket with fries, you can also grab one of their sandwich or waffle options! The Bumble Bee is a honey-butter glazed fried chicken that is so crispy and sweet. These chicken tenders are no joke and are crunchy on the outside with a juicy, tender and large piece of meat in the middle. I loved how much chicken was actually in these tenders – they do not skimp on portions either! The honey butter was a wonderful first timer choice since it was slightly sweet, but the chicken wasn’t drenched in too much honey. You also get to choose 2 dipping sauces so I grabbed Honey Mustard and Ranch; two of my favorites. Next we reached for the Korean Hot – these are tossed in a traditional gochujang sauce for a kick of heat. Spice warning on these if you are not into spicy, then I would recommend skipping these. If you have had gochujang and can handle the spice, don’t skip these! Lastly, the Okra. I should preface this with the statement that I think okra is slimy and I would rather not eat it. But Oklahomans are crazy for their okra so I figured if I am living here now then I better learn to like it. To my absolute surprise, Ray’s okra was so damn crispy and crunchy and there was not a trace of slime. If all okra was like this, then maybe I would have learned to like it long ago!

This is absolutely the best fried chicken I have had in a long time. Unbelievably juicy and tender with such large pieces of meat and a crispy outside. If you are at the Parlor, don’t overlook this spot and if you need some delicious fried chicken, make a trip here. For their full menu, click here.

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