Providence Pizza

Despite the name, Providence Pizza is actually located in OKC inside Parlor. Parlor is another food hall/food collective in Downtown with 7 different restaurants and 2 bars. I love that these concepts are popping up all over OKC and Edmond because they are so fun and welcome a variety of food options your whole group will love. Since this spot also has a bar, it’s a great spot for after work drinks and a bite with coworkers.

Providence Pizza serves up two styles – Detroit and New York – which are both very different. It is interesting to me that they chose to do multiple styles of pizza out of one shop, especially since these both have vastly different cooking times and techniques. Since they offer both types, I of course had to try them both to gauge their quality. Their menu has lots of choices or you can build your own and choose between their regular, specialty and premium toppings so the options are endless! I grabbed a Detroit style Motor City and a NY Style East Coast. The Motor City comes with pepperoni, fresh basil, ricotta, red sauce and romano. The edges were so crispy and cheesy – just how a detroit pizza is supposed to be. The dough was soft and light in the center and the ricotta was the creamiest I have ever had. The toppings went well together and overall it was a solid pizza that nailed the detroit style. My only criticism is the amount of pepperonis – they were not very generous. With detroit style, since the crust is so thick, you really need to make sure the topping ratio is right and this missed the mark just a bit. The only pepperonis were the ones you could see on the top and I could probably count them on both hands. Taking that into account I would still give it an 8/10. Moving on to the East Coast pizza. It is on a thin, NY style crust with mozzarella, italian sausage, bacon, mushrooms, red sauce, fresh basil and Mike’s hot honey. The topping ratio was much better on this pizza, but maybe overshot it a bit. There were so many toppings that it was hard to pick up and the tip of the crust didn’t hold well. There was so much sauce and meat that it all just slid off and the crust was a bit on the doughy side. Once you got about 1/3 of the way through, it became easier to eat and the crust was less soggy. I loved the flavor combination on this one and the sweetness from the hot honey was the perfect touch. I would also give this an 8/10 – great flavor but the crust needs some work!

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