The Sushi Bar

The Sushi Bar is probably the fanciest sushi spot in OKC/Edmond, but it holds up to the reputation. Every time I have been here, it is always so crowded and the take out section is no different. They do some high volume and it is easy to understand why people keep going back once you have tried one of their rolls. I will start by saying, for Oklahoma this sushi spot is pretty expensive. With that being said, it is also the highest quality, freshest fish I have had since moving back from Seattle (arguably the fish capital of the world). The salmon here melts in your mouth and is so buttery and soft. Same goes for the tuna – it is so silky smooth. Their roll list is also pretty extensive so if you go here a lot, it will still take you a while to work your way through the menu. If raw fish or sushi isn’t your favorite, they do have an entire menu dedicated to other options such as chicken katsu, pan seared duck, and lemon basil shrimp to name a few.

If you are looking for some serious sushi that would even pass for 5 stars in Seattle, look no further – just be prepared to shell out some money because the finer things in life don’t come cheap! For two of us dining – we grabbed an appetizer, 3 nigiri sets, and 4 rolls – it came to around $100 before tip. Is it worth it? Yes! Will you ever be able to eat at another sushi spot in the city? Probably, but you will always be comparing it to the Sushi Bar.

For the full menu, click here.

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