GRACIA – this cute little spot is located in Ballard serving up some incredible tacos. We ordered 3 – Al Pastor (top), Campechanos (middle), and Shrimp (bottom). The Campechanos was our favorite – it was filled with carne aside, bacon, chorizo, roasted pork, charred tomatillo salsa, onion and radish. The Al Pastor is filled with pork shoulder, salsa verde, and charred pineapple. The shrimp taco was on special and was filled with shrimp, pickled onions, avocado, and cabbage. Their single tacos range from $5.00-$6.50 per taco. I personally loved their tortillas, they were smokey and slightly charred which I thought added a wonderful flavor. They also have some killer guacamole – ($8.50 for a small or $11.50 for a large) and it is served with their house made tortilla chips.

This place is also great for a couple of drinks for happy hour or weekend with friends! Their margaritas are STRONG and will knock ya out after a few. You can get an entire pitcher to share with the table (or for yourself, no judgement) or a single glass. They have a variety of margaritas with various tequilas and mezcal as well as an option to add fruit – you can choose between mango, prickly pear, strawberry, passionfruit or guava! If you are a tequila or mezcal connoisseur, this spot is a great one to try a wide variety of spirits – seriously, they have an 4 page menu entirely dedicated to spirits and the know their stuff! Grab a drink and a taco and relax on their outdoor patio after a long day, it is the perfect combination!

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