The Sushi Samurai

The Sushi Samurai is a little shop tucked in the quieter streets of Queen Anne. There is only enough seating for a handful of people at a time indoors. They do currently have an outdoor area in front that offers some additional seating. Anyways, I stumbled on this place after leaving a holiday party andContinue reading “The Sushi Samurai”

Sushi Stacks

How fun is this recipe? I mean just look at those layers! Don’t breathe or move though or it will all come crumbling down – but at least it will still taste delicious even if it doesn’t look as ~pretty~. This is a super fun way to eat sushi that isn’t as challenging as rollingContinue reading “Sushi Stacks”

Kura Sushi

Kura Sushi is the latest trend sweeping the nation – or at least sweeping Seattle/Bellevue, WA. Kura Sushi originated in Japan and has made its way to the United States! It is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant where you can grab something from the rotating belt, or order and have it delivered to your table.Continue reading “Kura Sushi”

Genki Sushi

Who doesn’t love sushi? Its fresh, filling, yet still light! But sushi can get expensive quickly and with so many options you want to try them all! That’s where Genki Sushi comes in. They are a conveyer belt style sushi restaurant that offers smaller portions of each roll so you can try more! They alsoContinue reading “Genki Sushi”

Sushi Bowls

Sushi is one of my favorite meals, but it can be super expensive from a sushi restaurant. Making sushi is also very challenging if you don’t have the proper tools. That is where these sushi bowls come in. They are much cheaper than ordering takeout and much easier than trying to roll sushi yourself. TheseContinue reading “Sushi Bowls”