Teriyaki Salmon + Veggies

The PNW is known for great, fresh salmon and they are right! It is too bad that salmon is one of my least favorite options. Growing up I loved it so much – my grandad used to make this amazing smoked salmon on the grill on a weekly basis and I still remember always askingContinue reading “Teriyaki Salmon + Veggies”

Sushi Tostada

Another fusion dish I experimented with! This is basically sushi on a tostada – honestly, it is more asian than fusion, but the tostada is mexican so it counts! This dish is fresh, light, crunchy, and spicy. If you love sushi and raw fish, then this is a great one for you! You can useContinue reading “Sushi Tostada”

Genki Sushi

Who doesn’t love sushi? Its fresh, filling, yet still light! But sushi can get expensive quickly and with so many options you want to try them all! That’s where Genki Sushi comes in. They are a conveyer belt style sushi restaurant that offers smaller portions of each roll so you can try more! They alsoContinue reading “Genki Sushi”