Genki Sushi

Who doesn’t love sushi? Its fresh, filling, yet still light! But sushi can get expensive quickly and with so many options you want to try them all! That’s where Genki Sushi comes in. They are a conveyer belt style sushi restaurant that offers smaller portions of each roll so you can try more! They also color coordinate their plates with the prices, so you know exactly what you are paying for before picking it off the conveyer belt.

Currently they only have locations in Hawaii, California, and Washington, but maybe one day they will expand. Their fish is fresh and you can taste the high quality they use. We have visited locations in both Hawaii and Washington and were impressed by both locations! The one in Washington is a typical conveyer belt style, where it snakes through the tables and through the kitchen. The location we went to in Kauai, Hawaii was extra cool! They had tablets at each table that you ordered from and instead of a conveyer belt having all the options available – what you ordered would be delivered to your table via a little tram!

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