The Sushi Samurai

The Sushi Samurai is a little shop tucked in the quieter streets of Queen Anne. There is only enough seating for a handful of people at a time indoors. They do currently have an outdoor area in front that offers some additional seating. Anyways, I stumbled on this place after leaving a holiday party and wanting to grab some food after having a few appetizers at the party. Sushi sounded light and delicious, and this pale caught my eye. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff, eager to serve us and make sure we had a delicious meal! The menu is pretty simple and not overwhelming – some sushi spots have so many “special rolls” it becomes challenging to make a decision. I loved that their menu had some classics and a handful of speci rolls. Another feature of their menu is they had their rolls separated by type a fish – which I really appreciated! They have them broken out by Salmon, Tuna, Shellfish, Yellowtail, Eel, Vegetarian, and Variety (which were the combination/special rolls). This made is super easy for me to find a roll that I would enjoy without having to read every single roll – I am a salmon girl through and through and it is always annoying looking at most menus trying to find the rolls that feature salmon – so this was my kind of menu! I grabbed the Crunchy Salmon and an order of Salmon Nigiri and my husband grabbed their Ronin Roll and Tuna Nigiri. The Crunchy Salmon Roll features, you named it, Salmon. It is filled with fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber and topped with crunchy tempura flakes and a spicy mayo – absolute perfection. I could eat like a hundred of these rolls – it was exactly what I wanted. Fresh, creamy and crunchy with a hint of spice all in one simple roll. The salmon nigiri was also exceptional – seriously this fish was so fresh. The Ronin Roll is one of their variety rolls and comes with salmon, tempura shrimp, krab, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, green & yellow onion, sesame seeds and butter. Yes you read that correctly, BUTTER! I was very hesitant to try a piece, but I was delighted. It was honestly really good. The butter added a richness that really brought out the freshness of the fish and the flavor in the mushrooms. Whoever created that roll is a true genius and I have never seen or tasted anything like it. It was one of the most expensive rolls on the menu, but it was definitely worth it. If you are in Queen Anne, make sure to check them out and really they are worth a trip. Make it a date night or lunch with friends! Click here for their full menu!

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