Super Six – Dinner Edition

Super Six is a well known Hawaiian inspired restaurant in Columbia City. It is most popular for their incredible brunch, but their dinner and happy hour menu should not be overlooked. They also offer one of the larger patios in Seattle, which is perfect for the warmer weather and when you want to bring yourContinue reading “Super Six – Dinner Edition”

Super Six – Brunch Edition

If you live in Seattle, you know we take brunch VERY seriously! Its the weekend ritual everyone participates in each week – like church if you’re in the midwest. There are so many great brunch places it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. You want to look for 2 very important things –Continue reading “Super Six – Brunch Edition”

Super Six

Super Six is a fun place located in Columbia City serving up some seriously good eats! They are famous for their brunch, but don’t overlook their regular menu items. They’ve got a large outdoor patio that is perfect for getting out and spending some time outside! They serve up asian-fusion inspired dishes such as musubi,Continue reading “Super Six”