Super Six – Dinner Edition

Super Six is a well known Hawaiian inspired restaurant in Columbia City. It is most popular for their incredible brunch, but their dinner and happy hour menu should not be overlooked. They also offer one of the larger patios in Seattle, which is perfect for the warmer weather and when you want to bring your furry friend with ya. They are dog friendly and will even bring your pups a water bowl. Their entire menu is Hawaiian inspired, bringing flavors and foods from the Island to the mainland. If you’ve ever had Hawaiian food, you probably know just how flavorful it is, and Super Six does an incredible job with their dishes. Their Happy Hour is daily from 3-5pm with drink and food specials you should check out. If you have never been to Super Six or enjoyed Hawaiian food, here are a few things you have to try: Spam Musubi (even if you think you don’t like spam, try this and your mind will be changed), Kalua Pork Sliders, Huli Huli Chicken, Loco Moco, and Kalbi Short Ribs. My other favorites from this spot include: Aloha Fries, Pork Katsu Sandwich, and Mochiko Chicken. Most of their dishes are on the heavier side since they feature rice and mac salad, but even for all the carbs, they make their dishes light and fresh using pickled vegetables and slaw. If you’re looking for some of their healthier/lighter dishes, go for the Huli Huli Chicken, Kalbi Ribs, and Tropical Chicken Salad.

For their full menu, check it out here.

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