Super Six

Super Six is a fun place located in Columbia City serving up some seriously good eats! They are famous for their brunch, but don’t overlook their regular menu items. They’ve got a large outdoor patio that is perfect for getting out and spending some time outside! They serve up asian-fusion inspired dishes such as musubi, lumpia, loco coco, pork cats, and much more! On their brunch menu you’ll find delicious items such as malasadas, chicken and waffles, pork tocino and more!

We ordered several of the favorites – spam musubi ($4.50), lumpia ($6.50), pork katsu sandwich ($14.50) and aloha fries ($11.75). I had never had spam until I moved to the PNW about 5 years ago – I was always hesitant to try it. But when I moved here, I noticed Spam Musubi was a staple on many menus so I thought I better give it a try! It is one of my favorite snacks now and super Six does a great one! So what exactly is Spam Musubi? Its rice formed in to a rectangular shape – usually topped with a teriyaki type sauce, grilled spam, and wrapped with just enough seaweed to hold it together! Sometimes the rice will also have a seasoning blend, depending on where you go. They are delicious – you’ve got that sweet + salty combination going on with the sweetness from the sauce and the salty spam and seaweed. The rice acts to blend the two flavors together so neither of them are overwhelming. Lumpia is also another dish that I was not familiar with before moving up here – it is a Filipino egg roll. They are typically filled with cabbage, carrots, and pork among a few other ingredients. Super Six makes some great lumpia that are perfectly crispy on the outside with a soft, warm middle. I highly recommend trying both if you have not eaten them before!

For the main events – the pork katsu sandwich and aloha fries were also incredible! The Pork Katsu Sandwich comes with a giant piece of pork, topped with a tangy slaw, red onion, mayo and their bulldog sauce all on a ciabatta roll! It was definitely enough for two people. The pork was crispy and still tender and juicy on the inside. The tangy slaw added a great acidic balance to the pork. Would definitely eat again and recommend! And the Aloha Fries – we could not put our forks down once we started diving in to these. They come topped with kalua pork, kimchi mayo, scallions, and a sunny side up egg. The kalua pork had a rich flavor and they managed to keep it tender and juicy. The show stopper for me though was the Kimchi Mayo – I had never had this combination before and am a little upset more people (myself included) haven’t thought of this! Its got all the components you want in a sauce – salty, spicy, rich, creamy – wow, I could totally eat it by the spoonful.

We had plenty of leftovers for the next day so grab a group of friends and order some bites to share with a cold drink in their outdoor patio! Their portions are definitely large enough to share and are fairly priced for everything you are getting. Don’t forget to check out their brunch as well – but make sure you plan ahead because they are very popular on the weekends!

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