Super Six – Brunch Edition

If you live in Seattle, you know we take brunch VERY seriously! Its the weekend ritual everyone participates in each week – like church if you’re in the midwest. There are so many great brunch places it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. You want to look for 2 very important things – 1) what kind of mimosas do they offer? Bottomless? Good price point? Enough to share? and 2) What kind of dishes are they serving up? Anything unique? mix of sweet and savory? The first question is obviously the MOST important – Super Six offers POG Mimosas for 2 for only $29. What do you get? 16oz of their house made passion fruit, orange, and guava juice and a full bottle of Cava Brut. they also offer a number of other libations if mimosas aren’t your morning vibe! Now to the 2nd question! Super Six offers sweet, savory and everything in between. You’ll find hawaiian french toast, malasadas as well as loco moco, eggs benedict and chicken and waffles. they’ve really got everything.

They have a large outdoor seating area which is great for the summertime soaking up the limited sun we get in Seattle! Grab some friends, a few rounds of mimosas and their delicious food and have the perfect start to your weekend here!

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