Bulgogi Banh Mi

I love a good banh mi – they are fresh and filling! They also come with so many options for filling and I love the contrast of the warm, tender meat with the cold, crunchy, pickled vegetables on top. I could probably eat banh mi everyday for the rest of my life and be fullyContinue reading “Bulgogi Banh Mi”

Seoul Dog

Have you ever had a Korean Hot Dog? They are like a corn dog, but have more options and are even more delicious! Seoul Dog recently opened up a new location nearby, so naturally we had to check it out! They have hot dogs, mozzarella, and rice cakes as options to fill these delightfully friedContinue reading “Seoul Dog”

Short Rib Tostada

I have been really in to fusion dishes lately and trying to explore different flavor profiles to create unique dishes. This one is inspired by mexican and asian flavors and ingredients. The base uses a tostada and black beans, which are typical in mexican dishes. The short ribs are then braised in soy sauce, riceContinue reading “Short Rib Tostada”