Seoul Dog

Have you ever had a Korean Hot Dog? They are like a corn dog, but have more options and are even more delicious! Seoul Dog recently opened up a new location nearby, so naturally we had to check it out! They have hot dogs, mozzarella, and rice cakes as options to fill these delightfully fried beauties. You can also choose between panko or potato coating and get it dusted with sugar or not. I highly recommend getting it dusted in sugar because you get the sweet and salty combo which we all love! They also have a large variety of dipping sauces – like honey mustard, bbq, ranch, spicy sauce, and more! We grabbed a few different dogs to try a few. We ordered a Spicy Sausage with Panko, a Half + Half (half mozzarella and half hot dog) with Panko and dusted in sugar, and a Rice Cake with Potato! We also grabbed a honey mustard, BBQ, and a spicy sauce (was similar to a sriracha mayo, but with more flavor!). I personally loved the Half + Half the best – the mozarella was so cheesy and melted to perfection. It had the ultimate cheese pull. I loved the panko coating more than the potato because it was a bit lighter and felt less oily. Overall though they are delightful and are much lighter than your typical American corn dog – they seem to have less breading and aren’t as oily overall (even the potato ones). I highly recommend trying these because you will be hooked!

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