Nue has been a staple of Capitol Hill for many years. I first went to this spot about 6 years ago when I first moved to Seattle. It caught my eye because it said “street food from around the world.” Instantly I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I scoured their menu and found so many dishes I had never heard of or tried before. That weekend, I set out, determined to eat brunch here. This was pre-covid when restaurants were a bit more crowded and long-lines were inevitable for popular spots. This spot was one of those. By some miracle, I got in relatively quickly and sat right away. That was long before I started my food journey, documenting everything I eat and writing about it. I have been to Nue many times since my first experience, but when Covid hit I found myself (like many people) not going out as much and gravitating to take out or just cooking more at home. Unfortunately for me, Nue is in Seattle (about 30 mins from me), so takeout wasn’t really an option on the table – brunch take out just isn’t as good!

With regulations being lifted with more people vaccinated and restaurants re-opening their doors for indoor dining, I knew Nue had to be on my list again. I found some foodie friends to go with me so we could indulge in all their offerings and make a day out of it. With restricted indoor dining, definitely best to make reservations for this spot, especially on the weekends. It is still a very popular place that serves incredible food. Their brunch menu features their signature Chicken and Waffles, Bunny Chow, Shakshuka and more! Their menu rotates frequently as they are constantly searching the world for the best new street food to bring to Seattle. Their War Chips are one of my favorite dishes, best to get an order for the table. They are fries with garlic mayo, peanut satay, red onions and sambal. I know, I know…mayonnaise AND peanut sauce on fries?! Yeah those were my thoughts too when I saw it…but honestly it somehow works. I am a fan of mayonnaise with my fries – very European, but was extremely cautious about the peanut sauce. If you like peanut butter, you’ll love these – give them a try.

We grabbed their Bunny Chow, Lentil Curry, Tosilog, and Pineapple Cornbread. The Bunny Chow is a traditional African Dish and is delicious – this version comes in a bread like bowl (although its more square than round), filled with tender chicken, masala and topped with a sunny side up egg. It is large and pretty filling – there is a lot of bread so it is a bit on the heavier side. If you are wanting something comforting and to really fill you up, definitely get this dish. It is also a great option to share with someone since it is large enough for two! The Lentil Curry was surprisingly much better than I thought. It is a wonderful vegetarian option and comes with black lentils and sweet potatoes in a curry sauce topped with cashews. This option was lighter than the bunny chow and equally delicious – I actually think I loved this more, even though it was vegetarian. The Tosilog is a classic breakfast plate with fried eggs, fried rice, and tocino – which is filipino pork. Tocino is a sweeter, thicker version of bacon. I love tocino so much – the tosilog is great if you want something a bit lighter and simpler! Lastly, the pineapple cornbread. I want to love it so much – it is a thick slice of cornbread that is filled with pineapple chunks and topped with coconut flakes. This one just misses the boat a bit. It is pretty dry, and would be much better with some honey or something to help moisten it a bit. I took this home and heated it up in the microwave with butter and it was much better – so maybe get a slice to go and doctor it up when you get home.

For their full menu and to make your reservation today, click here.

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