Mama Dough

This is not my first post on Mama Dough because it deserves a seat at the table. I have been frequenting this restaurant for 5 years and every time they still knock it out of the park. Their food is always delicious, reasonably priced, and quality unmatched. I have eaten my way through most of their menu, but there are a few dishes I get time and time again because they are just irresistible! My go to’s are: Boiled Pork and Chive Dumplings, Pork XiaoLongBao (soup dumplings), Spicy Eggplant, and Mama’s Special Bao. But truly, there is nothing I have tried that I don’t like. Their dishes are so fresh and flavorful – I recommend eating there for the best experience, especially if you’re getting dumplings – they are just so much more delicious eaten immediately! If you think you aren’t a big eggplant dish, the spicy eggplant will absolutely change your mind. It is crispy on the outside and perfectly soft inside – and none of that bitterness that is often associated with eggplant. The sauce has a magical sweet + spicy combo that is mouthwatering – I could drink the sauce if I could!

This little gem has been featured in various WA newspapers, but it is often overlooked by its larger competitors – Din Tai Fung and Dough Zone. As an avid dumpling lover, I have had my fair share of DTF and Dough Zone as well and I’m sorry, but it doesn’t stand up to Mama Dough. Mama Dough has that small, homemade feel to it where you know that everything is made from scratch with love. It is a family owned business and it is a labor of love. Don’t get my wrong, DTF is also handmade – they even have an area you can watch them making dumplings, but it is so much more commercial and mass produced and the taste just isn’t there for me and add the lack of flavor with the higher prices and its going to be a no for me. If you have read this far, thanks for sticking along and do not sleep on this spot. If you love dumplings and want a very authentic experience and dishes, Mama Dough is 1000% the way to go. Now excuse me while I run there for dinner because writing this has me craving some of their dumps!

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