Proper Fish

Fish and Chips is normally synonymous with Europe, usually the UK to be more specific. Most of us probably can’t travel to Europe whenever we want for some delicious fish and chips and let’s be real, there are not a ton of places in the US that make them well. And chances are if you can find some decent fish and chips (New England, I am looking at you), they probably aren’t 100% authentic. Rhode Island is home to one of my favorite fish and chip places, but they are beer battered and not served with mushy peas.

Tucked away in the PNW on the little island of Bainbridge – about a 30 minute ferry ride from Seattle – you can find this little restaurant called Proper Fish. They have been featured in several magazines for their Fish and Chips, so I had to try it for myself to see what all the hype was. DAMN. This place did NOT disappoint! I ordered their classic British Fish and Chips which come with fries, minty mushy peas, tartar sauce, and a lemon wedge – there is also vinegar on the table. The fish was battered and fried to absolute perfection – the fish itself was light, flakey, and tender. The batter was also light and so crispy but you didn’t feel that it was drenched in oil, so I really appreciated that. You know that oiliness when you bite into something fried and it just like seeps out and that is all you can taste? Yeah, none of that here, just fish and crispy perfection. Their fries were also incredible – they were thick cut, which usually means you are getting some mushy ass fries. NOPE, again, so crispy and none of the disgusting oily taste or residue dripping out. For an entirely fried meal, it was surprisingly light…crazy, right? If you live in the PNW make a trip to Bainbridge to try this place if you love fish and chips. They also have other items on their menu, but this is definitely the star of the show! For their menu click here.

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