Smoothies are the best in the warmer months. They are even better when they are made with real fruit and ingredients and shared with friends! Blended is a smoothie and juice bar located in Queen Anne that is making delicious smoothies, bowls, juices, and more! They use the best ingredients and real, fresh fruits in their smoothies without loading them full of processed ingredients and sugar. Honestly, this is what we need more of! I am all about smoothies, but most places don’t use the best ingredients and they can be full of added sugars.

Blended also has a variety of both fruit smoothies and protein based smoothies so they have you covered if you’re just wanting to cool off with a cold drink, or if you are wanting a protein boost after a workout! They do also have salads and fancy toast if you want something to munch on with your drink. I have only tried their smoothies so far, but keep eyeing their bowls and toast. Grab one to cool ya off today! You can also download their app to order ahead and skip the line – it’ll be ready for ya when you get there.

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