Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Chowder is the real deal! I have had chowder on the east and west coasts and this stuff is so hard to beat! They’ve got the classics and a variety of unique flavors. Their chowder is packed full of flavor and ingredients – not just one little bite of clam like some places are serving up. The chowders are thick and creamy and will warm your soul and body! Another great thing they offer is the sampler – you get the option of 4 or 8 sampler and they come in 5oz cups, so you actually can try all the flavors. The samplers are not only great for trying all the flavors but also for sharing with family or a group of friends! The other thing I love is that this place ships anywhere in the US! So you can get delicious chowder delivered to your door, no matter where you live. And trust me if you’ve never had chowder like this and you really need to try it. They have competed in several competitions all around the country and have beat out some of the best! I think it speaks volumes to their quality and products that they have competed in Connecticut competitions and WON! New England takes their chowdah very seriously, so that is impressive. Check out their website for all their offerings and details around shipping and make sure to order some to your door!

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