Mr. West

I stumbled upon Mr. West because I was wanting a light, but still delicious brunch and this place delivered. It had a great open space that is perfect for conversation and a light bite! They offer more classic breakfast dishes, along with a variety of toasts, salads, sandwiches, and dips. They also offer a large selection of beverages like coffee, tea, wine, beer and cocktails. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite with friends or a glass of wine and conversation after a long day, this place has you covered. We grabbed Sunday brunch and ordered their Egg and Cheese Croissant with Ham ($11) and the Bacon, Tomato, Arugula Toast ($11). The croissant was flakey and warm with a good ratio of toppings. Honestly though, the toast was where it was at. It was a thick cut of sourdough bread, topped with a delicious herbed aioli, thick cut bacon, fresh tomatoes, and arugula. Think an open faced BLT but 100 times better! I was so impressed – I also ordered a soft-boiled egg on the side because you can’t have brunch without a jammy egg. They have two locations – downtown and university district – we went to the downtown location and it was pretty popular on Sunday morning. This place is also order and seat yourself, which I love (and hate). I love because the line moves quickly and the food seems to come quicker. The downside, is with limited seating, you can find yourself waiting a while for tables to clear out – especially when people are grabbing coffee and chatting with friends, or chilling out for a while. I recommend checking this place out and making your way through their beverage and food menu – I for one am very excited to go back and try even more dishes.

I recently went back on a weekday to grab some coffee and try another one of their dishes. This time I went to the University Location, which is slightly larger than the Downtown location. There was plenty of available tables, so I didn’t feel stressed about having a space to chill for a bit. I ordered their seasonal Coconut Cream Latte ($4) and their Greek Ricotta Dip with warm pita ($10). The coffee was not my favorite, I think perhaps because I swapped regular milk for oat milk. I decided to ditch it and order their other seasonal which was a Vanilla Bourbon Latte and it was incredible! The Greek Ricotta was also amazing. Thick ricotta topped with sesame seeds and honey – it was the perfect mid-morning snack to go along with my latte.

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