Kilauea Fish Market

Kilauea Fish Market was probably my favorite of all the fish spots we visited. It was fresh and simple and no bs. I stopped by this spot after a very long walk/hike to a secret hidden beach in the area. It was so perfect after being in the sun for several hours and being mostlyContinue reading “Kilauea Fish Market”

Kauai Coffee Company

Did you know one of the worlds largest coffee bean growers is located in Kauai, Hawaii? AND that you can visit it and take a self guided tour AND try their coffees for free?! Talk about paradise. As if Hawaii isn’t already incredible, if you are a coffee lover, this is a must for aContinue reading “Kauai Coffee Company”

Aloha Liege Waffles

Waffles are delicious, but waffles topped with things are even better. Liege Waffles is a little food truck located in the Harbor Mall Food Truck Court in Lihue on the island of Kauai. They’ve got some serious waffle and coffee creations that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. You can choose from one of theirContinue reading “Aloha Liege Waffles”