Kilauea Fish Market

Kilauea Fish Market was probably my favorite of all the fish spots we visited. It was fresh and simple and no bs. I stopped by this spot after a very long walk/hike to a secret hidden beach in the area. It was so perfect after being in the sun for several hours and being mostly on foot during that time! Their menu features salads, plates, wraps, fish tacos, and poke bowls. Pretty large variety to choose from. I went back and forth between the tacos and poke, but when in Hawaii I felt that the poke was the obvious option! For their poke, you choose 1, 2, or 3 which correlates to the number of sides you get. All poke come with white or brown rice. Your fish options include sesame ahi poke, spicy ahi, tako poke, and sesame aku (I only know what ahi is in this instance, which is tuna!). Their sides include salad, macaroni salad (a must), cucumber kimchi, pickled cucumber, ocean salad, edamame, or tobiko. For my plate, I went with white rice, sesame ahi poke, macaroni salad, and pickled cucumber (I grabbed option 2 so I could try two sides). The ahi was fresh and light – I am not the biggest fan of ahi and would much prefer salmon, but this was my option here and honestly it was pretty good. I think the sauce helped a ton to really bring out the flavors so it wasn’t too fishy. We also grabbed the Grilled Fish plate which comes with brown or white rice, salad, and mac salad. The fish is always the catch of the day. The day we went, the fish was Ono – which is a mild white fish! Very delicious and I think you can only find it in Hawaii – I had never heard of it before going there.

For their menu, click here. Make sure you add this spot to your list if you visit and you will not be disappointed!

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