Aloha Liege Waffles

Waffles are delicious, but waffles topped with things are even better. Liege Waffles is a little food truck located in the Harbor Mall Food Truck Court in Lihue on the island of Kauai. They’ve got some serious waffle and coffee creations that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. You can choose from one of their creations or build your own! I grabbed their MacDaddy waffle which is their liege waffle piled high with fresh bananas, coconut infused whipped cream, kauai vanilla, and smoke roasted macadamia nuts. It sounds like a lot, but the flavors really work well together and it isn’t overly sweet. In fact this one was super fresh – the bananas and coconut go really well together and you can’t go wrong with macadamia nuts and coconut whipped cream. The vanilla acted as a syrup and wasn’t overly sticky or sweet. Just gave the waffle a hint of vanilla. If you are wanting something on the sweeter more decadent side, they do have a wafeel drizzled in cookie butter. Or you could opt for their Leprechaun which comes with bananas and strawberries drizzled in chocolate!

Now for their coffee! They do offer traditional drinks – lattes, espresso, cappuccino – or you can grab one of their signature creations. I grabbed their OHT (On Hawaiian Time) iced because the name seemed very appropriate. It is a macadamia nut latte with an extra shot of espresso, local vanilla and topped with whipped cream. It was delicious, but super rich especially with the waffle. I think I would have preferred to do a basic coffee with a waffle and then try one of their sugarier drinks at a different time.

This spot is only open from 6am-12pm so make sure you plan accordingly to grab your waffles and coffee while they are still open. For their full menu, click here.

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